Saturday, August 08, 2009

All in One

Hi peeps.. sorry again for my an intentionally long silent. but today i don't want to give my reasons why me become like not interested for blogging field. eventho i know i do not have my own readers... hahahaha that's showed me, i am not a good writer. btw, it's not a problem. bcoz i got dive into this blogging field just wanna to keep in touch with all my degree friends. love all of u! hugsss!!! besides, i don't want to become not up to date person! hahaha is it true, have at least a blog we are declared as a up to date person?? no laaa.... it was just my babble... okay, straight to da point. surprisingly, today with all my gusto i am interested to do a list bout-------------

well, along my silent, for sure there were a lot of things happened. just to let my frens know what going on to their fren. the only noor hamizah in counselling students batch 2005/06. wahhh! mengadenyee... hehehe. okai, so here i'm going to tell u.[eventho they all had known what happened to me] hahahah. ape sy melalut nie??? da takde cite ke???? huhs!

firstly: i am already finished my internship. berakhir sebuah pengalaman yg tak seberapa. hahaha teruknye tak bersyukur. at least i do not have to worried about money because i live at my hometown in my own family home! best!!

second: saya telah menganggur selama satu bulan! hehehe at least i've got my own experience how to become unemployed person. btw, it's good too becoz sy tak perlu isau2 nak pikir esk nak SELESAIKAN ape, ape lagi yg TAK SELESAI as what happend to me rite now! huhhs :(

third: i registered as a students again but now it is the other stage that i was climb. just like the song "the climb" hehehe. i'am upm's student since 2ndjuly2009. =) i am doing master science in guidance and counseling. just to give a little information to all of u peeps. the differentiation between master science and master education. to complete MSc u have to do a research within 0ne year equal to 2 semester. which is u are also need to publish your own journal without any credits will given to you for all your efforts that have you give to your research (thesis) and your own journal. hanya lulus dan gagal! teruk kan. and for MEd, u just have to accomplish the 43 credits of compulsory subject same goes to MSc. and for MEd student, you are also have to accomplish your final year projects and you have to present it. but for the final year project u have 6 credits.

soooo...the questions here is, what is the advantagesssss for student like me? which is i am now doing my MSc???? huhs! okay... the truth is, i don't even care about the credits that have been given or not for doing thesis and publish my journal [will be] but the point now is how much knowledge and experience that i will be gain along my MSc... rite? i don't think that i need to elaborate here what is the advantages of MSc. but if u want to know more just contact me ya!! sy sgt senang hati untuk berkongsi ilmu ;D [ohhh melalutnye. sebenarnye byk sgt nak ckp pasal master nie. satu hari tak abes] for those my frens who are interested for doing their master hehehe. I'll let u know as much as i can. insyaAllah...

fourth: i am now graduated in degree counseling :D alhamdulillah... but its just one step for what that i want to gain--- alrite, to conclude all my babble, let's the pitcha continue with the story bout my graduation (act ***sad graduation day):



from left: kak tiey, kak na, me^^, kak ekin
till then...