Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wasting her own time

Nothing to say here..
Just suddenly, after i borrowed 2 books from upm's library i felt like wanna to open this **old blog (hehe) and write sumthing here.
Doesn't have any interesting life stories to tell u. it's all coz of i'm sure, there's no people whose neither addicted with my blog nor reading my blog! ngerrr (just believe me!!)
so, alang2 da bukak and start to wrote something here, why not i just keep on moving to tell what i will do after this. (like i write to do list---)

1: 12pm, I'll get lunch with my rumate (miss ainor) at park view
2: 3pm, send my room key to Mrs Puziah
3: Packing! tomorrow night i'll go back to my hometown. and azli will send me to bus station at Kajang. of course be4 that, we'll dating~~ want to find wedding present for kak long and kak rod ;) 

what else?? act, there's hv a lot of liFe story that i'm interested to get sharing here. but i'm really doesn't have much time to spend and write sumthing here (-_-) 
olrite peps! till then...