Friday, December 04, 2009

A Little Nervous

Nothing for breakfast today. just dreaming how the feel if I'm gonna eat roti canai with teh tarik. sungguh besttttt!

tonight, I'll go back to my hometown. half packing. will continue b4 went to kajang tonite.
act, today is year end sales. if I am not in mistake. had planning with azli to go to sogo. and buy wedding present for kak long. but, just suddenly he called me and told that he got a few works at site. okey fine, give him time to get settle his work 1st.

just now, I tried to log in student portal to check my semester result. after my fren kak khad called me and told me that her semester result can viewed at her student portal. really scared bcoz I know, me not do my best for this exam. doesn't felt nervous means that bad thing will happen to me. hmm... takutnye.. hv u ever heard bout mata kiri or kanan bergedik? if your left eyes yg bergedik, means akan ada perkara buruk terjadi kat diri u all and if your right eyes yg bergedik, maksudnye akan ada wonderful and something lucky will happen to u. so want to know what happened to me when I tried to check my result?? of course mata kiri I yg bergedik. dr semalam lg. really took so much time to got opened result page. with all my strength and tawakkal.
then, after bukak page -semester result- jeng jeng jeng.... alhamdulillah, result tak kuar lg. hehe. at least I still hv time to pray and hopes I punye result tak seteruk yg I mmg tanak. camane tuh?


sikoko said...

mana follower?nk join nih

mijah said...

takpe lah kak feydah.. sleeping blogger je miza nie.. hehe.. jarang update.