Tuesday, December 29, 2009


mizahamizah: "if my ship doesn't come in, i'll swim out to it!"
through yahoo! messenger:
.::bie::.: "if your ship doesn't come in, hold me,i will bring you to the island and safe you from drowning in the deep sea..."
.::bie::.: '"my lovely quote"
.::bie::.: regards,
.::bie::.: azli
Yes, i'm all about loving you <3

Monday, December 28, 2009

Her new semester

Before the class 3.00pm: today is my 1st class for this 2nd semester. quite nervous, cant wait to see all my friends and lecturer. hikhik. iye2 je. excited nak jumpa lect (^^)

After class 4.00pm: act refer to my schedule, it was 3 hours, tapi biase la 1st class kan-- anyway, as i told this b4, i got registered for Appraisals in Counseling which is compulsory subject and 3 credit hours will be given for this subject. what is interesting bout this course is Prof Madya Dr. Sidek Mohd Noah was my lecturer. my 1st impression when i saw his face, his personality and the way he gave his lecturer, he was so nice, kind, structural and easy going person.

I felt like i am lucky person because i can learn something bout psychology and counseling instruments from the owner of these instruments that i had learn before which is refer to IPS, IPW, IMKS, and INPS. besides that, i'll be learn bout the other instruments such as VPI, SDS,  JEPI, TSCS, BMRM, MPCL and IGB. seriously i felt like eventho i learned this course when i was in bachelor, but i still not fully understand bout testing and evaluation; validity and reliability of those instruments; the development process; the way of how to calculate, administer and interpret all those instruments professionally. so, here is the good time for me to learn as much as i can and at the end of this courses, really hopes that i'll have the knowledge and skills to administer and also to interpret test profile professionally.

Pray for me....
btw, 4 out of 5 stars for her 1st class today ;)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Her First Step

Time is running---
But, i still step on the same place. doesn't looks like i've done some works which refer to my responsibilities. this morning, i watched Dr. Hjh Sapora Sipon at selamat pagi malaysia on tv1, while i took my breakfast. she is lecturer from University of Islamic Science Malaysia (USIM). she was invited to gave some talked about redha, bencana alam, helps each others, **act im not sure bout the specific title of her talk. i started to gave my attention for her since i red her research to completed her PhD. interesting research for me, because this study was carried out to assess the effectiveness  of a person centered (Carl. R. Rogers), rational-emotive behavior (Albert Ellis) and cognitive psychology Ad-Din (from my master's advisor: Prof. Dr. Hj Othman Dato' Hj. Mohamed) counseling groups on job stress. alrite, back to main objective here, what happen to me rite now? i'll let you know. 
Act, during my semester break, i have an important work to settle down and to accomplish my aim for this holiday. but, something bad trouble happen to me now which is i felt so lazy to do my workssss.. what kind of works? i need to write a few articles bout my master's research. eventho i already found my title or field scope of my research, but i still not start to do it seriously. sometimes i got wondering, do i really love what am i doing now. a researcher? someone in education environment? do i really want this? and what was the things that stopped me from do all my works? too much silly things in my mind rite. that's why when i watched Dr. Hjh. Sapora Sipon this morning, saw the way she communicated with peoples through media, gave her opinions from her knowledge's and experiences, i start thinking bout what i want in the whole of my life. in the whole of what i decided and choose. do i just want to do all these things as i don't have any aims after this? ouchhh!!! seems like i woke up from my day dreaming.

Seriously, i don't want my beautiful and happiness life drop and i fall down! happiness is my birthright rite?? so, after i realized something this morning, i start to write a list that i should accomplish them excellently!
here you go girl:
1: Find as much as u can the journals related to your research title -> career caounseling self-efficacy. find them from sagepub, ebscohost - ERiC, etc.
2: Understand what is social cognitive theory is about. read from Albert Bandura's book that u borrowed. also add ur knowledge from social psychology's book 10th ed.
3: Find a lot of literature review related to career counseling self-efficacy
4: Find what is ur research methodology -> population, sample, inventories, research method, statistical analysis etc.

Here i just listed them summarily but i listed them details in my personal book.
so, what are u waiting for anymore?? get start now!!!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Registration Slip

Just now, I registered courses for my 2nd semester. a lil problem happened to me. 1st, I can't register for educational statistic sbb da penuh. for this semester, lect just nak amek 30 students and just 2 classes yg bukak means total 60 students were required. then, for the 2nd prob was, I also cannot reg seminar for this coming semester, just because of I had done registered for maximum credits hour, which is maximum 18 credits hour per semester. so, here is my courses that I registered and I'll be struggling for more excellent achievement:
1. SPS5999(3): Master's Research
2. EDU5105: Appraisals in Counseling = Monday (3pm - 6pm)
3. EDU5102: Career Development = Tuesday (3pm - 6pm)
4. EDU5103: Culture-Centered Counseling = Wednesday (3pm - 6pm)
5. EDU5133: Crisis Intervention = Thursday (3pm - 6pm)
6. EDU5106: Individual Counseling = Friday(3pm - 6pm)

hmmm act quite pack for this 2nd semester compared to my 1st semester. But insyaAllah I'll try my best. maybe after this I should do my daily and semester planning...

Friday, December 04, 2009

A Little Nervous

Nothing for breakfast today. just dreaming how the feel if I'm gonna eat roti canai with teh tarik. sungguh besttttt!

tonight, I'll go back to my hometown. half packing. will continue b4 went to kajang tonite.
act, today is year end sales. if I am not in mistake. had planning with azli to go to sogo. and buy wedding present for kak long. but, just suddenly he called me and told that he got a few works at site. okey fine, give him time to get settle his work 1st.

just now, I tried to log in student portal to check my semester result. after my fren kak khad called me and told me that her semester result can viewed at her student portal. really scared bcoz I know, me not do my best for this exam. doesn't felt nervous means that bad thing will happen to me. hmm... takutnye.. hv u ever heard bout mata kiri or kanan bergedik? if your left eyes yg bergedik, means akan ada perkara buruk terjadi kat diri u all and if your right eyes yg bergedik, maksudnye akan ada wonderful and something lucky will happen to u. so want to know what happened to me when I tried to check my result?? of course mata kiri I yg bergedik. dr semalam lg. really took so much time to got opened result page. with all my strength and tawakkal.
then, after bukak page -semester result- jeng jeng jeng.... alhamdulillah, result tak kuar lg. hehe. at least I still hv time to pray and hopes I punye result tak seteruk yg I mmg tanak. camane tuh?