Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Her First Step

Time is running---
But, i still step on the same place. doesn't looks like i've done some works which refer to my responsibilities. this morning, i watched Dr. Hjh Sapora Sipon at selamat pagi malaysia on tv1, while i took my breakfast. she is lecturer from University of Islamic Science Malaysia (USIM). she was invited to gave some talked about redha, bencana alam, helps each others, **act im not sure bout the specific title of her talk. i started to gave my attention for her since i red her research to completed her PhD. interesting research for me, because this study was carried out to assess the effectiveness  of a person centered (Carl. R. Rogers), rational-emotive behavior (Albert Ellis) and cognitive psychology Ad-Din (from my master's advisor: Prof. Dr. Hj Othman Dato' Hj. Mohamed) counseling groups on job stress. alrite, back to main objective here, what happen to me rite now? i'll let you know. 
Act, during my semester break, i have an important work to settle down and to accomplish my aim for this holiday. but, something bad trouble happen to me now which is i felt so lazy to do my workssss.. what kind of works? i need to write a few articles bout my master's research. eventho i already found my title or field scope of my research, but i still not start to do it seriously. sometimes i got wondering, do i really love what am i doing now. a researcher? someone in education environment? do i really want this? and what was the things that stopped me from do all my works? too much silly things in my mind rite. that's why when i watched Dr. Hjh. Sapora Sipon this morning, saw the way she communicated with peoples through media, gave her opinions from her knowledge's and experiences, i start thinking bout what i want in the whole of my life. in the whole of what i decided and choose. do i just want to do all these things as i don't have any aims after this? ouchhh!!! seems like i woke up from my day dreaming.

Seriously, i don't want my beautiful and happiness life drop and i fall down! happiness is my birthright rite?? so, after i realized something this morning, i start to write a list that i should accomplish them excellently!
here you go girl:
1: Find as much as u can the journals related to your research title -> career caounseling self-efficacy. find them from sagepub, ebscohost - ERiC, etc.
2: Understand what is social cognitive theory is about. read from Albert Bandura's book that u borrowed. also add ur knowledge from social psychology's book 10th ed.
3: Find a lot of literature review related to career counseling self-efficacy
4: Find what is ur research methodology -> population, sample, inventories, research method, statistical analysis etc.

Here i just listed them summarily but i listed them details in my personal book.
so, what are u waiting for anymore?? get start now!!!