Monday, December 28, 2009

Her new semester

Before the class 3.00pm: today is my 1st class for this 2nd semester. quite nervous, cant wait to see all my friends and lecturer. hikhik. iye2 je. excited nak jumpa lect (^^)

After class 4.00pm: act refer to my schedule, it was 3 hours, tapi biase la 1st class kan-- anyway, as i told this b4, i got registered for Appraisals in Counseling which is compulsory subject and 3 credit hours will be given for this subject. what is interesting bout this course is Prof Madya Dr. Sidek Mohd Noah was my lecturer. my 1st impression when i saw his face, his personality and the way he gave his lecturer, he was so nice, kind, structural and easy going person.

I felt like i am lucky person because i can learn something bout psychology and counseling instruments from the owner of these instruments that i had learn before which is refer to IPS, IPW, IMKS, and INPS. besides that, i'll be learn bout the other instruments such as VPI, SDS,  JEPI, TSCS, BMRM, MPCL and IGB. seriously i felt like eventho i learned this course when i was in bachelor, but i still not fully understand bout testing and evaluation; validity and reliability of those instruments; the development process; the way of how to calculate, administer and interpret all those instruments professionally. so, here is the good time for me to learn as much as i can and at the end of this courses, really hopes that i'll have the knowledge and skills to administer and also to interpret test profile professionally.

Pray for me....
btw, 4 out of 5 stars for her 1st class today ;)


annah said...

all the best for ut new semester.
bestnye da stat belaja balek ;)

mizahamizah said...

tenkiu ana.
tapi dop bestnyee lau awk kat sini lg mesti boley jumpa2 cam sem lps..