Sunday, December 06, 2009

Registration Slip

Just now, I registered courses for my 2nd semester. a lil problem happened to me. 1st, I can't register for educational statistic sbb da penuh. for this semester, lect just nak amek 30 students and just 2 classes yg bukak means total 60 students were required. then, for the 2nd prob was, I also cannot reg seminar for this coming semester, just because of I had done registered for maximum credits hour, which is maximum 18 credits hour per semester. so, here is my courses that I registered and I'll be struggling for more excellent achievement:
1. SPS5999(3): Master's Research
2. EDU5105: Appraisals in Counseling = Monday (3pm - 6pm)
3. EDU5102: Career Development = Tuesday (3pm - 6pm)
4. EDU5103: Culture-Centered Counseling = Wednesday (3pm - 6pm)
5. EDU5133: Crisis Intervention = Thursday (3pm - 6pm)
6. EDU5106: Individual Counseling = Friday(3pm - 6pm)

hmmm act quite pack for this 2nd semester compared to my 1st semester. But insyaAllah I'll try my best. maybe after this I should do my daily and semester planning...