Saturday, March 05, 2011

Hanif's Futsal Team

Tadi (malam) i chat dgn hanif thru YM. Selalunya mmg kami akan chat malam la. Sembang2 biasa as sibling. studies, life, barang2 kat Jepun. heheh.

And as usual, if he got something special or ape2 jer kesah hidup dia mesti dia share ngn kami. I mean my family. And tonite, he shared about he and his futsal team just won for his university tournament for futsal game. They got 2nd place among all universities in Japan. How great! okay, act each of our (sibling) achievements, kami (family) akan rasa ia sbg satu kejayaan yg membanggakan even perkara itu kecik jer. Why? it is important to make sure that we as a family appreciate the achievements for each of the family members. To make sure that our relationship become more strong and we know that each of us have our own strengths. In other words, finally kita akan rasa bersyukur dan rezeki akan dtg dengan lebih bila kita bersyukur kan.

 Hanif's futsal team.
Hanif (duduk, 2 dari kanan)

and again, congrats bro for your great day *:)