Wednesday, March 09, 2011

we're "sisters"

Hidup, tak pernah lepas dari buat silap kan. Dah namanya hidup kat dunia yg sementara nie. Everyone have their own thoughts. Maybe what am i thinking right now are not same with people who sit beside me. But maybe same with people who i never meet. Hmmm but that is the beautiful of life. Sy ada kakak and she is my only kakak. No matter what happened, we're still in context of sibling . . .

. . . and with all my guts, i will never let anyone hurt u. because we're "sisters". if anything happened, i will try to comfort you in our ways to bring the happiness at the end <3
I'm sorry for not being perfectly adik for u, but i want u to know that i'm always try to give my best for you.


annah said...

hihi, comel gmbo!
very nostalgic.

mizahamizah said...

hheheh buruk doh, tapi sib baik org dlm gambo masih comel sampai ke hari ini *;p