Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Memorable Gift

This is precious entry,
For me personally its hard and difficult to find someone who got same interest and can treat us just like we love to. Yup maybe we have three, two or maybe just one person only in our life or maybe you dont have any? Poor, and what can we say? Go back to yourself, have a sit, just keep quite, do not talk and what you have to do is just think . . . is it true, i have nobody in this world which treat me just the way i love because of my inner self? Its actually from my opinion, everything that we got will depends on what we gave. Hmm please have an attention here, I'm talking about "friends" absolutely not significant with our "family". It is different meaning, different spelling and there is no significant between both of this term. Got it?

What I'm gonna tell you my lovely readers, it is important to behave, be good, be polite and most important i think and for me personally is to be sincere or in counseling language, we call it as a genuine. Yup am strongly defend that to have this special treat from someone with sincere or genuine heart, first of all we have to be sincere and genuine with others. Then it will come naturally something special from others to us. When talking about this term, actually we absolutely can use it to all of our life hierarchy. I mean first of all to Allah, continues to the others of rukun Iman and next will be to our mom, dad and family. Should be husband first if you're already married. Then to our fellow friends and communities.

So then, yesterday i got something special from a friend. She always treat me just the way i love. Seriously. Even there is nothing valuable at first, she will make it become priceless at the end. For sure because of the genuine come first between us, its make our friendship become more valuable than before.

     Annah, smiley thanks for this memorable gift from Aussie. Actually, that yellow ribbon and the way you wrapped this gift really touch my heart because this is what i love and am pretty sure we both have same interest about this. Am i rite?

I think thats all for this entry and please ignore my wrong spelling and grammar yay! 
Till the next entry people *:)