Monday, October 31, 2011

Rubber Stamp

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and Hello people!
Before I continue writing this entry, I want to shout out here about my 'stigma' which is maybe some people judging me that: "mende remeh camni pun nak publish ke?" or.. "show off nye dia ni!". By the way its just my perceptions which is comes from my irrational belief. So, please ignore my stigma statements stated above.

Okay, will start to share my new rubber stamp! my official rubber stamp, and also my first rubber stamp marked with job title *=)
 am totally happy with the outcomes.

using this for the first time *=) heehs!

happy moments

Salam and Hi readers,
Masa cuti hujung minggu yg lepas.lepas. maaf, sy tak ingat the exact date. My sister; kak huda and her husband merangkap abg ipar sy telah bawa sy dan hilmi makan.makan minum petang kat kedai pink *memang namanye kedai pink ea! which is located at the beach area.
So, kami makan.makan, sembang and sharing the latest news from each others. It was fun, and am really happy with the moments we spent together. Mesti lagi seronok kalau hanif pun join skali *=)

Lepas tu, kami ke taman permainan sebab hilmi nakkk sangat main buaian. Perlu faham kat sini ea, even umur hilmi dah 21 tahun, tapi minda hilmi masih di tahap kanak-kanak.

Please, enjoy our moments;

 hilmi yg sgt manja <3

 newly married 


. . . dan mereka yg sgt sy sayang *=')

ermm maybe we can do this more often. Once per month for siblings gathering? I think this is a good idea. Will proposed to my siblings soon *=)

the Reddish

Today, am going to update a few stories which I checked it with "pending" status.

One of them is about the UCSI University official t-shirt which I got from Ms. Marini a.k.a Finance Officer.
am still not wearing it means that, its still hanging in my wardrobe.
hehehs! actually my close friends clearly understand bout my vein. Specifically when it comes with formal uniform either t-shirt or jacket. **I will never wear it except there's have any occasions or programmes which is required the participants to wear their formal uniform *;p

What ever it is, am actually in love with this beautiful reddish t-shirt *;)
 at front

at back

thank you for giving me another UCSI items *=)

Safely arrived

today I got a parcel;

If you can see, stated below it is from one of my beloved siblings, hanif =)
Thank you again for your helps. I will never forget all this and at the same time I learned something which is very meaningful for me as a human.
and of course, thank you Allah *=)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kenali diri saya bersama Puteri Kasih

am accidentally  joined this segment after got a tagged from my dear senior sister kak Arai, last thursday. Actually this segment proposed by Puteri Kasih. The games need the tagged-blogger to answer all the questions and submit to puteri kasih before 30 Oct 2011 (11.59pm). Honestly, since I start blogging am never join any kind of segments or any activities related with other bloggers. I'm writing just to share something like a 'middle things' happened in my entire life. So, have been tagged by my lovely kak arai, made me felt the real world of blogger.

After all, a bunch of thank you for my dear kak arai and the owner of this segment puteri kasih.

So, here's the questions and my faithfully answers *=)

1) Jika saya memegang watak karakter kartun saya ingin sekali menjadi: Chibi Maruko Chan! 
2) Saya ingin sekali bertemu dengan: to be honest, our prophet Muhammad s.a.w
3) Binatang yang paling saya takuti adalah: Semua kategori binatang reptilia, terutamanya ular! yerrkkzt!
4) Saya teringin bercuti ke: Tokyo, Japan *=) one day...insyaAllah
5) Lagu yang paling saya minati adalah: the self-help song, "Jangan Menyerah" by D'Masiv
6) Jika saya menjadi seorang perdana menteri saya akan: rasa takut dengan AMANAH yg sgt besar. Gagal bermakna perlu menanggung dosa.  
7) Insan yang paling saya sayangi adalah: Ma <3 (my only mom)
8 Perkara yang paling saya benci adalah: Lalai dengan kehidupan dunia *='(
9) Perkara pertama yang wajib saya lakukan setiap kali bangun tidur adalah: Turn off alarm hand phone
10 ) Tiga perkataan yang menggambarkan diri saya: 1. Suka dgn ilmu yg berguna; 2. Lambat bersiap *;p 3. Makan banyak tapi tak besar2 *sigh*

Hmm.. memandangkan sy takde ramai sgt kawan yg blogging, boleh sy tag cik Puteri Kasih ( hehhe *=)

Last but not least, enjoy my self-help song;
Senyum dan terus melangkah *=)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

i'll stand by your side for ever

Assalamualaikum wbt and Hi all,

So, here's the latest news from my previous entry which is I mentioned about my big worries.

What can I conclude from my past experience handling my big problems was, no matter what happened to me, as always... parent and siblings will come first and trying so hard helping me and never let me be in trouble by myself.

Thank you Allah for this precious gift. I mean a great and a very amazing siblings.
Seriously, they help me a lots.

Dearest kak huda and hanif, I'm so thankful to have a siblings like you and I can never thank you enough for what you've done and NO, NOT just because of the help... but so much more...
I do hope I can help with any of your problems too insyaAllah... *=")

Love Love!

faithfully, I love both of you most!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not feeling well, emotionally.

am not feeling well today, emotionally.
Either can't detect my own feelings or maybe I'm trying to hide something.

Hmm..genuinely I got a very big problem(s).
But, can't share here cause its too personal.
I think bout this too much until I got nightmare last night.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Zikr vs Other Songs

Salam and Hello all *=)

am now using the office computer means that, I do not need to bring my lappy to office anymore. But, its lacking when this computer doesn't have its own speaker; so then I can't browsing to the hotfm webpage for listen to the live radio. Considering that songs will make we feel more energetic drives me to make a decision to buy my personal speaker soon.

By the way, listening to the love songs are always teach me how to feel and how to think in so many ways. At the same time this is going to be one of the learning style to get know as much feelings that we actually have. So, that is the second reason for listening to the love songs; and personally I loves to hear this genre of songs too.
 . . . but sometimes I feel guilty for myself cause, if I spend my times to listen to the zikr its actually gives us a lot of feelings and thoughts more(s) than listening to the love songs.

Just make it simple with listen to the zikr more than listen to the other songs *B)

SDCU signage

Salam and Hi readers,

Some people asked me why I still not put the signage of the SDCU even I've been here for almost 3 weeks. They gave me an idea such as to print the signage using the A4 paper then laminate that printed paper and just put it in front of my SDCU; or maybe just book the signage from the signboard outlets.

The answer is simple. I like to make it more creative by using my merit of artistic skills. Its makes me feel unique and at the same time the major impact of attraction will come together. Honestly my artistic skills are not too great and its consistent with my score of Search Directed Search inventory by John L. Holland which is I got lower score of artistic quadrant than the social quadrant.

Its actually not about neglecting their opinion, but its more about to learn developing the counseling unit by using all the knowledge and experience that I've gained before. I have to admit that am not really creative just like the professional artists, and most important you must realize this fact. What I've done and what am going to do is just a very simple idea that come and touch my mind.

So, last week I bought this colorful ice cream sticks;

Then, simply glued the colorful ice cream stick around the soft board to make it become as a border. At first, I would like to stick it in a manner of not systematic, but considering the space for me to write the SDCU words so I decided to just make it simple and arrange it on a regular basis. Then, here's the outcome for my SDCU signage;

Am thinking that maybe its looks like 'kanak-kanak rebina', but never mind  I believe in what am doing now cause it was not an offense if I try to learn.

**the signage have not completed yet; will update the final outcome later *=)

Visotors and Reflection Books

Last weekend, I went to find some goods for the purpose of the decoration for Student Development and Counseling Unit (SDCU). So then I bought two important books which is one for the visitors of SDCU and the other one are special for my unique clients. The main purpose for both of this books is to let the visitors of SDCU write their name, their company or where they come from, their signature and maybe a small review about their visits. Meanwhile the second books will be a diary for my clients, means that at the end of their counseling sessions they will write something reflections about their feelings or thoughts after all the experiences they get during counseling sessions.

Here's the picture(s) of my visitors book and diary for my visitors and clients to be:
 *can't remember the price at the moment. sorry guys *=')

The cover of SDCU visitors book . . .  
This one cost me $45.00 *=( quite expensive, yup i noticed that.

. . . and the pages

Till the next stories bout my SDCU project;
thank you for reading this entry peeps *=)

a gift

am happy *:) 
tima kasih ma.. 
Sebab belikan nie utk jah. 
Sebab ma tak nak bagi jah bosan duk sorang-sorang kat hostel.
Sebab ma selalu fikir pasal anak.anak ma.

Walaupun aerial tv hanya dapat channel ntv7, tapi tue pun dah lebih dari cukup. Paling kurang jah tak bosan dan sunyi sangat bila masuk bilik, bila balik dari kerja, bila bangun dari tidur dan masa nak breakfast.
. . . dan walaupun aerial yg tak berapa elok tu jugak buatkan satu.satunya channel yg dapat nie tak berapa lawa, ia tetap cukup bermakna buat jah. Tima kasih ma *;)

p/s: tak pasal.pasal sy jadi peminat setia cerita Hi5. agagaa! cam budak2 *;p

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

help me

am completely worried!

counting within 60 days *:(
this is my bad feelings ever. "sigh"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blue and Orange

Sekarang fokus kerja lebih kepada merangka susun atur dan design utk student development and counseling unit. Semua perlu difikirkan, baik dari segi pemilihan warna, keperluan peralatan, hiasan, sistem dan banyak lagi lah. Tapi malangnya tak banyak yg mampu sy buat memandangkan cost yg memang menjadi perkara pokok dalam melaksanakan tugas sy sekarang. So semalam sy dah ke mydin dan giant di kay tee untuk beli beberapa barang yg diperlukan. Hmm barang tak banyak mane dan bukan barang besar pun, tapi dah sampai RM130+.

Bercakap pasal tema warna, sy pun agak pening sebenarnya. Banyak sgt warna-warna yg menarik dan memukau pandangan. Tapi sy terhadkan pilihan sy kepada warna yg agak ceria, dan mampu memberikan semangat kepada sesiapa yg memasuki bilik ini. Jadi sy putuskan utk memilih tema warna ini:

Basically, orange and blue colors. Kombinasi yg menarik dan ceria pada pandangan mata sy lah. Tapi bila sy fikir kepada sesuatu yg menyejukkan, warna hijau lembut dan pink mungkin lebih sesuai. Entahlah. Setakat ini, sy masih kekalkan dengan pilihan warna di atas. Cuba dlu, kalau nampak terlalu garang, sy tak akan teragak-agak utuk tukarkan warna di atas dengan warna yg lebih sejuk dan mendamaikan.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Going home

Dah pukul 6.10pm, time to go home!

babai my colleagues, see u tomorrow *;)
purple.kurung for tuesday 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tuesday morning *;)

Pagi semua *:)

Emm, nanti sy kena p training kat hq. Already discussed with Dr keith and we both agreed with the date. So now I just need to confirm with student affairs manager.

Tips to be HAPPY for today:
"Live your Life with purpose". Set out to achieve something and do it. The feeling of accomplishments is empowering.

 **touch up kejap. (^^,)

Tulis sikit

My very first experience, being a counselor to my boss.
Roughly, the issues was very big.
Maybe I can't help a lot but at least, am satisfied with my boss feedback because am already used my listening skill and a few reflection skills optimally.

am going to go through all this as best as I can.
thank you Allah for make me feel that I'm not alone.

**baru perasan, entry yg kat bawah ni adalah genap entry yg ke-100, kiranya nie entry yg ke-101 la *;)
even tak banyak (dan mengarut2), but am still happy with all my writing. hihiii.  

till then readers *:)

Saturday, October 08, 2011

My first staff id card

Today, i got my staff id card.
am not happy with my old school passport picture. They should ask me first *:(

today's outfit: turquoise.kurung  

**membazir je cuci gambar passport banyak-banyak "sigh"
Tapi ape-ape pun, syukur alhamdulillah. Setakat nie semuanya dipermudahkan-Nya. 
thank you Allah for hilmi dearest

He's now officially turn to 21 years old.
Jadi memandangkan weekend kali nie sy balik pondok manis, telah sy tunaikan janji sy pada adik tersayang <3. Pagi jumaat tu sy bawak imi breakfast kat era cafe, then pegi beli-beli barang sekejap. Last skali, sebelum balik umah, kami ke hotel uitm utk belikan imi kek birhday *;)

heehs! imi pilih kek kaler pink. **strawberry cheese cake. 

celebrating his birthday <3

syg, tak kira ape pun yg terjadi insyaAllah dengan izin-Nya selagi jah ada jah akan sayang imi dan jaga imi sebaiknya dan semampu jah. 
love you most!

satukan hati-hati kami ya Allah

keadaan semakin sukar.
entahlah. rasa tersepit, tersepit sangat.
seteruk dan sejahat mana pun ibu kita, dia tetap ibu yg melahirkan kita. bukan sekadar itu, malah menjaga dan membesarkan kita dengan sebaiknya. tak semua manusia mendapat apa yg kita telah perolehi. allhamdulillah. syukur kehadrat-Nya.

namun, mungkin tak semua dapat terima kenyataan ini, bila terlalu banyak melayan rasa hati sendiri. tanpa memikirkan keadaan orang sekeliling.

jangan memaksa. jangan mendesak hati, fikiran dan fizikal untuk menerima buruk baik seseorang. bila dipaksa, akhirnya akan timbul rasa "aku dah tak tahan lagi!" jalan terbaik ketika itu, biarkan saja. malas nak difikirkan lagi. pendek akal.
kenapa tidak diamalkan ikhlas dalam hati, redha dengan ketentuannya yg hakikatnya telah terbaik diberikan kepada kita.

kenapa perlu diletakkan syarat bagi seorang ibu? kenapa perlu meminta-minta apa yg sudah sempurna Allah berikan. Dia lebih mengetahui apa yg tersirat. siapa kita untuk menyoal kenapa begini, kenap begitu?? siapa kita? hanya hamba Allah s.w.t.
telah ditetapkan-Nya, ibu adalah manusia yang paling berhak untuk kamu layan dengan sebaik-baiknya. dengan sebaik-baiknya!

kenapa terlalu cepat manusia berubah? tak mungkin terlalu pendek akal yg Allah kurniakan kepada manusia untuk terlalu cepat melupakan semua pengorbanan IBU! mengabaikan keluarga yg selama ini susah senang bersama kamu. meninggalkan adik beradik yg selama ini susah senang, tangis ketawa bersama kamu. Nauzubillah..

berhentilah menyoal, berhentilah meletakkan syarat. buangkan jauh-jauh rasa hati sendiri kerana menghargai ibu yg masih hidup adalah sangat jauh lebih baik berbanding terus melayan perangai sendiri.

ikhlaskan hati, selami ilmu ikhlas. amalkan, insyaAllah..Allah pasti membuka jalan utuk kita.

Thursday, October 06, 2011


pink should be wear on tuesday, but never mind wear on thursday also make me feel energetic! 

p/s: petang ni sy nak balik ke pondok manis! can't wait *;))

rindu sgt *:'(

rindu. rindu sgt *:'(
ya ar-rahman ya ar-rahimin, cucuri rahmat-Mu ke atas roh arwah wan dan tempatkan arwah di kalangan hamba-hamba-Mu yg soleh dan solehah.


dah dapat!

Tenkiuuu mr. Farizal from maintenance & IT department. Finally, got my office comp. After this dah tak payah pikul lappy dlm beg galas cam student lg. lega!

 sebelum pasang . . .

yeay! dah siap pasang *:)

perlu kerja dengan semangat! 

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Masak Nasi

Since matriculation until now, sy masih lagi tinggal di hostel. If ada pilihan, sy mmg suka tinggal di hostel. Sebabnye senang. dah ade katil, meja, almari. Pastu tak payah fikir pasal bil api air. Semuanya dah skali dengan sewa bulanan. Maybe bila dah kawin nanti baru tinggal kat rumah dengan suami-to-be. 

Sepanjang tinggal di hostel, sy tak pernah masak ape2 kat hostel selain daripada masak air. Kalau nak makan megi pun main rendam dlm hot water je. hehee cam pemalas kan. ;p But tonight, sy dengan semangatnye masak nasi! Lauk? sy beli ;p then panaskan kat microwave yg ade kt pantry. Excited punya pasal, masak nasi pun nak amek gambar kan; so here the gambar(s)

 was cooking

nasi dah masak! sikit jer..kan makan sorang ;p

jemput makan ea *;)

Life begins here

Including today, it's already five days I've been here. Working at UCSI University campus Terengganu. What can I say is, this is a very good experience for me. Starting from having a very responsible and dedicated supervisor aka my boss, Dr Keith. His position here is as COO at terengganu campus. 

I realize that my job is quite tough. But I believed that as long as we have a strong belief in ourselves on what we do and why we do it, we are in the right track. Promise to myself to be a good worker to my boss and my colleague, and most important is to be a quality counselor to all my clients either they are staff or students. Practicing the term of unconditional positive regards.

Basicly student development and counseling unit is under the student affairs department, since this campus is still new, so they do not have their counseling unit yet. Then you can imagine how the counseling unit is looks like for this first week . . .

Basic office equipment 

 both pictures above are taken on 3rd october which is my 2nd day to be working here

using my own lappy while getting my office comp

My task now is planning to decorate this counseling unit, shall we start with make the plan first.. *:) 
till then, enjoy your working day people *B)