Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Life begins here

Including today, it's already five days I've been here. Working at UCSI University campus Terengganu. What can I say is, this is a very good experience for me. Starting from having a very responsible and dedicated supervisor aka my boss, Dr Keith. His position here is as COO at terengganu campus. 

I realize that my job is quite tough. But I believed that as long as we have a strong belief in ourselves on what we do and why we do it, we are in the right track. Promise to myself to be a good worker to my boss and my colleague, and most important is to be a quality counselor to all my clients either they are staff or students. Practicing the term of unconditional positive regards.

Basicly student development and counseling unit is under the student affairs department, since this campus is still new, so they do not have their counseling unit yet. Then you can imagine how the counseling unit is looks like for this first week . . .

Basic office equipment 

 both pictures above are taken on 3rd october which is my 2nd day to be working here

using my own lappy while getting my office comp

My task now is planning to decorate this counseling unit, shall we start with make the plan first.. *:) 
till then, enjoy your working day people *B)