Monday, October 24, 2011

SDCU signage

Salam and Hi readers,

Some people asked me why I still not put the signage of the SDCU even I've been here for almost 3 weeks. They gave me an idea such as to print the signage using the A4 paper then laminate that printed paper and just put it in front of my SDCU; or maybe just book the signage from the signboard outlets.

The answer is simple. I like to make it more creative by using my merit of artistic skills. Its makes me feel unique and at the same time the major impact of attraction will come together. Honestly my artistic skills are not too great and its consistent with my score of Search Directed Search inventory by John L. Holland which is I got lower score of artistic quadrant than the social quadrant.

Its actually not about neglecting their opinion, but its more about to learn developing the counseling unit by using all the knowledge and experience that I've gained before. I have to admit that am not really creative just like the professional artists, and most important you must realize this fact. What I've done and what am going to do is just a very simple idea that come and touch my mind.

So, last week I bought this colorful ice cream sticks;

Then, simply glued the colorful ice cream stick around the soft board to make it become as a border. At first, I would like to stick it in a manner of not systematic, but considering the space for me to write the SDCU words so I decided to just make it simple and arrange it on a regular basis. Then, here's the outcome for my SDCU signage;

Am thinking that maybe its looks like 'kanak-kanak rebina', but never mind  I believe in what am doing now cause it was not an offense if I try to learn.

**the signage have not completed yet; will update the final outcome later *=)


诗朋慧友 said...

Hi, may i know where you buy the colorful ice cream stick?