Monday, October 24, 2011

Visotors and Reflection Books

Last weekend, I went to find some goods for the purpose of the decoration for Student Development and Counseling Unit (SDCU). So then I bought two important books which is one for the visitors of SDCU and the other one are special for my unique clients. The main purpose for both of this books is to let the visitors of SDCU write their name, their company or where they come from, their signature and maybe a small review about their visits. Meanwhile the second books will be a diary for my clients, means that at the end of their counseling sessions they will write something reflections about their feelings or thoughts after all the experiences they get during counseling sessions.

Here's the picture(s) of my visitors book and diary for my visitors and clients to be:
 *can't remember the price at the moment. sorry guys *=')

The cover of SDCU visitors book . . .  
This one cost me $45.00 *=( quite expensive, yup i noticed that.

. . . and the pages

Till the next stories bout my SDCU project;
thank you for reading this entry peeps *=)