Monday, October 24, 2011

Zikr vs Other Songs

Salam and Hello all *=)

am now using the office computer means that, I do not need to bring my lappy to office anymore. But, its lacking when this computer doesn't have its own speaker; so then I can't browsing to the hotfm webpage for listen to the live radio. Considering that songs will make we feel more energetic drives me to make a decision to buy my personal speaker soon.

By the way, listening to the love songs are always teach me how to feel and how to think in so many ways. At the same time this is going to be one of the learning style to get know as much feelings that we actually have. So, that is the second reason for listening to the love songs; and personally I loves to hear this genre of songs too.
 . . . but sometimes I feel guilty for myself cause, if I spend my times to listen to the zikr its actually gives us a lot of feelings and thoughts more(s) than listening to the love songs.

Just make it simple with listen to the zikr more than listen to the other songs *B)