Wednesday, November 02, 2011

again, my research!

Salam and Hi readers!

During my master degree, we are always reminded about the importance of doing a research when we're involved in the real world of work as a counsellor. Besides practising all the knowledges, theories and skills in an attempts to give the best services to our clients, we are also need to practising to do a research which is related with the cases we handled.

Since I'm now are still in the process to finishing my thesis writing and at the same time the title of my research was very related with my scope world of work which is about the working alliance between counsellor and clients, therefore I think to put an efforts by doing my thesis writing will give an impacts to my practices now. Means that, holistically am now are practising the one of the important part as a counsellor which is doing a research and at the same time I got the benefits too because I can complete my master thesis soon. Hopefully will be done by end of this December, insyaAllah.

Genuinely, I'm in the crucial time. Serious! But, am trying not to putting my self in the stress zone. Just be calm but continuously keep on reading and writing. Another efforts was to put the warning sign at soft board, so then the feeling of anxious will come when laziness attack my mind.

am hoping for the best in the future *=)


huda said...

g00d luck my dear sis =)

amalina said...

x mo la kaco miza doh.hehehe..wat kije molek2 neh;D

Anonymous said...


mizahamizah said...

Kak Huda: tenkiu. InsyaAllah *=)

Wana: Olooo jgn ar gtu. kite bff kangg.. hihii

Anonymous: Who are you?

annah said...

why on 25th??
why oh why? ehemm;p

mizahamizah said...

annah: taktau lagi, tarikh jangkaan je tu. syg pulak rasa p kL ms 25th. Nanti cuba ubah tarikh. hmmm.