Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bukan nak diet

Hujan lebat sgt sekarang. Rasa mcm tak selamat tinggal dlm bangunan nie. Kerusi, meja semua terbang. Huh! gerunn..

Lama tak update blog, quite busy with office stuff. Including my personal matter. 
While writing this entry, my mood become like swing.. 
When it becomes like this, the first thing I will do is to recognize what is my problem. I don't like to just layan this negative mood. To recognize what is my problem is more valuable for me at this time. So then, the spirit mood will appear even slowly..

Hmm smlm, makan salad. Sbb malas nak masak jadi buat menda yg paling senang asal boleh isi perut. So, sy potong-potong semua nie masuk dlm bekas then tuang thousand island...siap! 
the salad;

 thousand island;

siapp *=)