Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

"nampak macam protective"

Tadi tunjuk gambar en. Azli pd kak Asiah, she is one of my colleagues.
Happy with her comments, "nampak macam protective person"

Reminds me on 20 November 2011,
went out with a happy heart <3 

. . . 

sy betul-betul gembira dgn awk *=)
memang tak tipu (=*

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Girls outing: Me & Annah

Salam and Hello readers *=)

It's already a month since we went to hang out, makan-makan, gossips together. Unfortunately, I can't manage to post this entry right after the girly outing which is I love most! as well you know I'm doing two works at one time; meaning do my official job as a counsellor and focusing on thesis which is actually very hard for me right now.

Yes, I'm struggling. Some times it's become like too much for me and I can't afford with all this anymore. Some times I can label myself as one of the person with procrastination. You will ask me why, and the answer is because I can see clearly all the symptoms that I have. Diagnosing myself. I hate it! Luckily, I have some people who are always support me. And last night, I got a verse which is helps me to think about the reality of my life. I thank you for your support. Thank you for understand me. and thank you as well cause you're among few people whose realized that "dentist can't pulling their teeth by him/herself". Conditionally, I love those person with this type of thinking.

am sorry for expressing too much about my interpersonal matters. Back to the main topic which is about girly outing. Me and annah; my bestie. We had a very exciting makan-makan together. So, after a bit rancang-rancang, we went to First Station at kay Trg and the happy moments begin *=) Please do enjoy our captions;
 apologize for my bad skill of capturing the photos! 

of course, she can do better than me *=p

still trying but, can't get the best scene. 

 our foods. yummmi!

 yes, I adore her skill! 

I'm so grateful cause until today, I still have kawan-kawan masa belajar. So, I do thank Allah for all the priceless moments that I can have with all my friends *=) 

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

my first experience: Give a talk

Pagi tadi 8.45am sy perlu bagi talk pada student year 5 school of medicine seramai 80 orang pelajar dan 20 orang pensyarah berkenaan perkhidmatan yg SDCU tawarkan pada semua students and staff UCSI University, Trg campus.

With preparation and assertiveness attitude during the talk, I relieved cause everything is going well and successful I would say *=)

"A very nice and excellent presentation" - Dr San
and also a very supportive words from the other lecturer.

Monday, December 05, 2011

tak Pasti

. . . menyesal tak guna theory dengan betul *=( 
harap-harap masih ada peluang. 

Tapi kalau guna REBT macam dah betul rasanye. 
Kenapa rasa ragu2 nie. Salah ke tindakan sy tadi ea?